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We are part of the UK educational charity: The Peace Building

 The Peaceful Schools Movement is a network of pioneering schools putting peace into practice through peace education and peaceful learning environments. Together we are creating generations of peacebuilders for a better future. Becoming a Peaceful School is a great opportunity to make your school stand out, to demonstrate your commitment to your pupils' welfare and to develop your teaching skillset. Here you will find the tools and guidance to help you make your school more peaceful, successful and attractive. We also have a free awards scheme for all types of schools that will give you the recognition that you deserve on your peace journey. In the 2024/2025 school year we'd like to receive lots of nominations for Peacemakers in schools, Peaceful Projects and Beacon Schools - it's a cost-free and painfree process. Please click on the 'Awards' tab above.

Latest resources:

A4 Peace Heroes workbookletA3 Peace Poster for primary schools 

A4 'Exploring Spirituality in Primary Schools' booklet


Our 'How to be a Peaceful School' book

Everything you need to know about Peaceful Schools in easy to read chapters. Anna Lubelska, Founder of the Peaceful School Movement has brought together our award winners to share their experiences with you.

Here's a lovely recommendation from Alexis Stones, Senior Teaching Fellow for the RE PGCE and the MA Education, at UCL Institute of Education: 'How to be a Peaceful School' is a wonderful book. Inspiring and practical! I recommend it to student teachers, MA students, Citizenship and Primary Education colleagues and I use it in Initial Teacher Education and school INSET teaching.'


Our Awards for Schools Scheme is ongoing and free to enter

Anna Lubelska Founder of the Peaceful Schools Movement presenting a Beacon Peaceful Schools Award to Argyle Primary in Camden, London. We have three types of award - Beacon Peaceful School, Peaceful Project in a School and Peacemaker.


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Driffield CoE Infants

Tuesday 16th July, 2024

Driffield CoE Infants gets a Peaceful Project Award

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Grayshott CoE Primary School wins Peaceful Project Award

Monday 15th July, 2024

Grayshott CoE Primary School wins Peaceful Project Award for Community Arts Day

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Basildon Lower Academy wins Beacon Peaceful School status

Monday 15th July, 2024

Basildon Lowers Academy is a three-year ie Years 7,8 and 9 secondary school. It's big with around 1,200 students. Delighted to be a Beacon Peaceful School.

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