Peaceful School Awards

The (free) Peaceful Schools Awards scheme celebrates the important role that schools play in equipping children and young people with the skills they need to live peaceful lives and to be peacebuilders.  Working towards a Peaceful Schools Award can help with your PSHE, SMSC, Citizenship, behaviour, children's mental health and well-being and many more aspects of your school community.  You can apply at any time. We are always excited and pleased to get applications and we can process them efficiently and quickly. There are three types of awards. Do not hesitate to contact the Awards Administrator: with any questions you may have.

There are three types of awards:

  1. Peaceful Project in a School - Peaceful Project Award

  2. Peacemaker in a Schools (any age!) - Peacemaker Award

  3. Beacon Peaceful school - Beacon School Award

Useful publications to help you:

The Peaceful Schools Awards A5 leaflet
About the Peaceful Schools Awards

Road Map to Becoming A Peaceful Primary Schools

Peaceful Secondary Schools Guidance

For a full list of publications and resources click on Publications & Resources.


Peaceful Projects in Schools

Projects in schools that can get a Peaceful Project award are things like the creation of a peace garden or indoor quiet area; a training programme for staff and pupils on building positive relationships and/or peaceful conflict resolution or setting up a Peer Mediation or Playground Friends scheme.

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Beacon Peaceful Schools

What could be more important than working for peace in the world?! Schools can play a massive role in making the world a more peaceful place. And lots of schools are already doing a lot of work on peace - in different ways. Some are further down this path than others. A few are exceptional and they are becoming 'Beacon Peaceful Schools'.

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Peacemakers in Schools

A ‘Peacemaker’ is a child, young person, teacher or any other member of the school community who has ‘gone the extra mile’ towards the promotion of peace between others/people of any age.

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