Our Work in Schools


Developing our schools work - exciting news!

Just reporting that (2021) Now that we are part of the new charity The Peace Building, we are going to be developing a schools outreach peace education programme. This will be launched later this year.

Pupils' views of peace using the wonderful P4C approach

Some time ago, our great friend Christine Easom, R.E. Consultant worked with children at a primary school in Staffordshire using philosophical enquiry to explore the topic of Peaceful Schools. She worked with the pupils to explore the question: 'What are peaceful places?' and they generated some more questions around this:

  • Are peaceful places happy places?
  • Where could a peaceful place be?
  • Can peaceful places be noisy places?

But then, the students decided that they were most interested in exploring the following question:

Do you feel peaceful in a peaceful place?

Some of the thoughts they had about this were:

  • Places can feel peaceful or not peaceful depending on how you feel inside.
  • You can feel peaceful anywhere if you feel peaceful inside.
  • Some places feel different to different people.
  • It depends what mood you are in and what has happened to you.
  • A peaceful place could feel scary because it may be quiet.