Our Work in Schools

Christine Easom, R.E. Consultant has been working with children at a primary school in Staffordshire using philosophical enquiry to explore the topic of Peaceful Schools. She worked with the pupils to explore the question: 'What are peaceful places?' and they generated some more questions around this:

  • Are peaceful places happy places?
  • Where could a peaceful place be?
  • Can peaceful places be noisy places?

But then, the students decided that they were most interested in exploring the following question:

Do you feel peaceful in a peaceful place?

Some of the thoughts they had about this were:

  • Places can feel peaceful or not peaceful depending on how you feel inside.
  • You can feel peaceful anywhere if you feel peaceful inside.
  • Some places feel different to different people.
  • It depends what mood you are in and what has happened to you.
  • A peaceful place could feel scary because it may be quiet.