Peaceful Projects in Schools

Projects in schools that can get a 'Peaceful Project' award are things like the creation of a peace garden or indoor quiet area; a training programme for staff and pupils on building positive relationships and/or peaceful conflict resolution or setting up a peer mediation or playground friends scheme.

To apply for the Peaceful Project in Schools award just use this downloadable nomination form

Peaceful Project Nomination Form

or email Anna Lubelska if you'd like a chat about it before applying -

Baines School gets Award

Tuesday 16th April, 2024

The Eco Club at Baines School in Lancashire planted 3 flower plants for Holocaust Memorial Day.

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Cawston Grange Primary School, Rugby

Saturday 25th June, 2022

Cawston Grange Primary School (in Rugby) wins a Peaceful project in a School award.

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Brampton Primary School

Wednesday 2nd October, 2019

Brampton Primary School in Chesterfield have received a Peaceful Project Award for its work on inner peace during a whole school Healthy Living week.

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Peaceful Project Award

Thursday 1st November, 2018

Alexandra Park Junior School (Oldham) has received a Peaceful Project Award.

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Surrey school gets award!

Thursday 23rd November, 2017

Loosely Fields Primary Schools achieved a Peaceful Project award which was presented to the Headteacher on 23 November 2017.

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Welsh School Gets Peace Award

Thursday 6th October, 2016

Gungrog Church in Wales Nursery and Infant School (in Welshpool, Powys) has been awarded a Peaceful Project Award.

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Peaceful Sculpture in Central College (F.E.), in Beeston, Nottingham

Wednesday 29th April, 2015

On 29 April 2015 the students had a grand launch of the peace sculpture they had made and for which they had received a Peaceful Project Award! (The certificate is framed and on the side of the planter in the photo!) One of the classes designed the peace signpost which was then erected in the courtyard in the centre of the college grounds. The peace words engraved on the signpost are there to promote discussion and stimulate ideas and further projects on peace-making and peace-building. There's a planter at the bottom where plants and flowers associated with peace are being planted.

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St Edburg's Church of England Primary in Bicester

Wednesday 1st April, 2015

In April 2015, Margaret Kunzer (Head Teacher) and Julie Cordingley (HLTA and art teacher) at St Edburg's Church of England Primary in Bicester, Oxfordshire were presented with a Peaceful Project award. This was for work over the last five years on developing inner peace through twice-yearly, week-long Prayer Spaces. Margaret said: 'The whole school of parents, staff and children have been so enthusiastic about this. We have committed time and money to this and it has had a big impact on our school. Some staff members go out and talk about it to churches and other schools. We want to continue to share what we do with others.'

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Raddlebarn Primary School in Birmingham

Monday 1st September, 2014

In September 2014, Raddlebarn Primary School in Birmingham, received a Peaceful Schools Project award. Sara Hagel, Director of 'Peacemakers' (a Birmingham-based charity which works in schools) and a member of the Peaceful Schools Strategy Group made the presentation of the certificate at a school assembly. Sara said that she was impressed by the range of ways that the school was looking at, and practising, peace.

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Peaceful Projects in Schools in Birmingham

Sunday 1st June, 2014

In the summer term of 2014, Fairway Primary Academy in Kings Norton, Birmingham was the first ever school to be presented with a Peaceful Project in Schools award after the successful completion of the Peacemakers Whole School approach with the support of the Peacemakers.

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