8th February 2022

Uptown International Schools in Dubai has been awarded a BEACON Peaceful School Award.

Anna Lubelska, Founder of the Peaceful Schools Movement  said:   ' We are thrilled to make this award to the outstanding Uptown International School. We love and honour the total commitment to peaceful activities at all levels of the school. Highlights that stood out for us - the wide range of wellbeing support that is provided for all age groups; the beautiful forest garden and other peaceful areas both outdoors and indoors; the life-changing '6 to 6' policy of no emails for staff or pupils; the emphasis of listening to and valuing the students who are encourage to play an active part in promoting peace; the school's involvement in helping people in the community and the wider world. Uptown International School is a true Beacon of Peace for Dubai and the world.' 

Uptown International School