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5 day Open Access Training course - 'Restorative Approaches in Youth Settings - a constructive approach to conflict, bullying, disruption and challenging behaviour'

13th –17th June 2016

This course will take place near Reading, Berkshire, U.K.

Organised by:

Transforming Conflict = the National Centre for Restorative Approaches in Youth Settings

Mortimer Hill // Mortimer // Berkshire // RG7 3PW

0118 9331520 // //

Aims and objectives

  • Identify the key values, principles and themes that underpin all restorative engagement
  • Learn how to transform relationships by addressing difficult conversations, conflicts, bullying,,challenging, anti-social and criminal behaviours as well as low-level disruption in ways that ensure people feel heard, the needs of all those involved are met and the harm repaired
  • Develop restorative responses that can reduce the use of, and the need for, punitive responses whilst still offering closure to all those affected
  • Practice running circle processes to help you build a sense of community amongst young people and/or staff teams, to develop trust and mutual respect, and to enhance confidence and problem-solving skills
  • Consider how to integrate restorative language and approaches into report-writing and record-keeping; when working with individuals, teams and families;
  • Make the links between restorative approaches and the development of the social and emotional literacy and skills of staff and/or young people

Target group

The focus of this course is on educational and youth settings, including those working in and with schools specialist support units and care homes; in Children & Family Services and in youth justice environments; however the course is generic and people working in adult settings have also benefitted from the course.


Day /Module 1 Setting the scene - reviewing under-pinning values, principles and key themes; review of current practice and practice issues; experiencing circles for building community and for planning and problem-solving, in staff teams and also with class groups

Day /Module 2 Productive conversations based on five key restorative themes; responding effectively in day to day challenging situations (eg corridor conversations; ‘street RJ’); ; working pro-actively with Circles

Day /Module 3 Developing the face-to-face meeting framework for mediation and problem-solving based on 5 key themes

Day/Module 4 Consolidate practice and apply the skills in various scenarios including larger meetings/conferences

Day/Module 5 Integrating learning into all relevant aspects of current work; developing a staged
plan for implementation and sustainability

What to expect

The training is participative, experiential, challenging and fun! Participants will

work in pairs, small groups and circles

engage in discussions and share experiences and expertise

practice their skills in a in a range of simulated situations relevant to their own settings

learn to give and receive focussed, constructive feedback

Fee includes:

A Practitioner’s Manual and a lanyard with key themes and language

A booklet related to participants’ work eg ‘Restorative Classroom Practice’

A log book to record your progress to RJC accredited practitioner status and beyond

A copy of ‘Just Schools’ or Just Care and an option to buy ‘The Restorative Classroom’ and other resources at a discounted rate.

A certificate of completion

A set of Needs Cards (group size) and an option to buy extra small sets at a course discount

Supporting quality and accreditation

Transforming Conflict has been awarded the Restorative Justice Council’s Quality Mark for our five-day course. This means that our course adheres to the National Occupational Standards for Restorative Practice and meets their high standards for course design, content, resources and delivery. It also means we comply with the RJC standards for our initial preparation with training commissioners and the on-going relationship we maintain, following the initial training.

After this five day course participants will have the knowledge and understanding to consolidate their practice and work towards Registered Restorative Practitioner status.

We believe that industry standards have yet to be established for a restorative culture across a whole environment. We think these issues are critical and spend time on them. As such our training goes way beyond industry standards at present, which is why we offer a five-day rather than a three-day course like many other training providers. We do offer shorter courses, but these do not go as far as full conferencing, which we believe requires our full five-day course.

Preferred Fee - All prices are exclusive of VAT, and include all resources, refreshments and lunch

NB This is a big reduction in our previous fee - we have cut some costs and passed this saving on to you!

Day delegate Residential Delegate

Private company £800 an extra £540 for 4 nights dinner, bed & breakfast

Local Authority employee £750 as above

Private Individual £620 as above

Discounts available for people living and working in West Berkshire and/or sending more than one person from the same establishment. Please ring to discuss.

Residential delegates can arrive on Sunday night – an extra £135 for dinner, bed and breakfast.

We can arrange visits to restorative schools before or after the week of the course. Please give us plenty of warning if you would like us to do this.