Peacemakers award for Rhys Davies

19th July 2016

Our second Peacemakers award for an individual in a secondary school! Well deserved.

Rhys Davies was nominated by his school - the Beacon Peaceful Cardinal Newman Secondary School in Coventry. 15 July 2016, Anna Lubelska presented (on behalf of the Peaceful Schools awards Board) Rhys Davies with a Peacemaker in a School certificate. This was in recognition of Rhys's outstanding commitment to peace and justice - he has initiated, supported and sustained a wide range of peace work within and beyond the school. Rhys also has inspired the whole school and got them all onboard too. This has resulted in his school being awarded the Beacon Peaceful Schools award! Rhys is Faculty Leader for Humanities and Peace and Justice Coordinator at Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary in Coventry. And excitingly, as many people will know, Coventry is the city for peace and reconciliation and so there is great potential for spreading peace education and peace activities throughout the city schools!