Second Peacemaker Award!

Monday 20th April, 2015

On 20 April 2015, Anna Lubelska presented Lesley Wasley with a Peacemaker award. Lesley is an HLTA at St Edburg's Church of England Primary in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Lesley was nominated secretly by the Head Teacher so the presentation, which was made during one of Lesley's circle time sessions, came as a complete surprise! In the nomination form the Head Teacher (Margaret Kunzer) wrote: 'I would be so very proud if Lesley's work to promote peaceful resolution in school was recognised in this way. The passion that she has for helping pupils to resolve conflicts and understand how to use 'personal power' to work out feelings, has a profound effect on children and staff.' At a recent Pupil Council meeting one boy was talking about bullying and he said that there weren't any incidents but sometimes there were 'fall-outs' but, he said: 'We don't need grown ups to sort things out - we know how to do it by ourselves!'.