Elizabeth Selby Infants Beacon Peaceful School

10th June 2024

On 17 May 2024, Elizabeth Selby Infants school in Bethnal Green, London got our highest award - the Beacon Peaceful Schools Award

Bethnal Green's Elizabeth Selby Infants' school is a really positive and nurturing school.  Anna Lubelska, Coordinator of the Peaceful Schools Awards Scheme, said, 'We were delighted to give the school our highest award - the Beacon Peaceful Schools award.  This is the first London school to get this award!  We hope that many other schools will follow their lead and take on the important work of creating a culture of peace within their schools and communities.' The school takes a whole school approach to creating a peaceful environment, with all sorts of imaginative and effective programmes to ensure that each pupil feels safe and involved; that they learn how to be kind to others and that staff members also feel valued.