Argyle Primary School

20th July 2016

Rubel Uddin teacher at Argyle Primary School, Camden, London being presented with a Beacon Peaceful School certificate.

Rubel Uddin, PSHE and GLP (Global Learning Programme) Coordinator at Argyle Primary School, Camden, London was presented with a Beacon Peaceful School certificate at our 'Learning through Peace' Conference on 24 June 2016.

The Peaceful Schools Awards Board/Strategy Group was very impressed by Argyle Primary School's submission for the Beacon Peaceful School Award and unanimously granted this! The school is in a very diverse area and makes a lot of effort to involve parents and welcome them into many school activities such as the community garden. The pupils are encouraged and enabled to feel valued and accepted for who they are: at the same time they are given the tools to help build peaceful relationships and a peaceful school. The curriculum is designed to ensure that peace (and related values) are lived by everyone in the school. They have good peaceful playtime measures and make sure that their midday supervisors are involved and valued. The pupils' School Council is central to the peace process within the school. We really liked the way that pupils participation is so important. The school works on peace projects with various organisations. A very inspiring and committed school. This school is PIONEERING peace-building in London /England/the world. Congratulations to all!!!