Magic in Schools

Mark Townsend – Magician to the Peaceful Schools Movement!

Mark is a superb magician who has performed in all sorts of places including many schools! He is also a priest, prolific author and a parent.

Fees and expenses are negotiated between Mark and each individual school and depend on the distance he has to travel to get to you and the length of time you require him for. For more information please contact:

Mark’s performances have young people on the edge of their seats. He uses magic and illusion, not as a way to place himself above his audiences but to bring the sense of magic and enchantment right down from the stage into their own minds and imaginations. His passion is not be a visiting star, but to remind all those who attend that they are stars. They leave with a deep appreciation of mystery, wonder and awe, and a renewed sense of the positivity and sheer beauty of life itself. Mark is able to tailor make his performances to fit into any theme the school or college may be working on at that point in time, or he can make suggestions for a theme.

Mark performing at a senior school


A few of his many endorsements:

‘Mark is a compelling performer who invariably engages, inspires and enthuses his audience. The magic might be illusory but there is soul and substance to his presentation. I warmly recommend him to any school.’ Sindre Vandvik, Head of Connections, Canford Secondary School.

‘Mark has visited our school every year since we launched our Community Faith morning. We always invite him back as the pupils and staff thoroughly enjoy his sessions. He succeeds in putting across a spiritual message through fun and engagement. Each year he establishes a good rapport with his audience.’ Sarah Bennett, Assistant Head Teacher, St Mary’s Catholic High School, Chesterfield.

‘Mark has a wining way with young people. Through his magic he enables them to look at the mystery of life and begin to frame the kinds of questions that lead us all on our path to discover our identity and explore our relationship with the world. He will enchant, inspire and add that special something that there are no words to describe.’
Lorraine Munn – Teacher of Performing Arts.

‘Mark gave a truly spellbinding performance, and managed to instill a sense of wonder and awe. He had my year 11s in the palm of his hand so much so that they still don’t know how he did it!’ Arthur Short, Lacon Childe School, Cleobury Mortimer.

‘It is a memorable experience of graciousness to have Mark in. A combination of who he is and his magician's skills awaken half-forgotten yearnings for a better world in which all value and cherish the good and the God in each other. Mark's magic delights the spirit and engages heart as well as mind. All ages need this. But, in times of some negativity and cynicism amongst teenagers, his magic and his personal integrity together enable young people to re-connect to their intrinsic value!’ Revd. Ian Terry - former Diocesan Direction of Education for the Diocese of Hereford.