About Peaceful Schools

The Peaceful Schools Movement in England is a network of schools, organisations and individuals. It is supported and promoted by the Peaceful Schools Strategy Group.

The interview (above) with Anna Lubelska is with Johnnie Walker! (A BBC Radio presenter).

The members of the Strategy Group are:

  • Anna Lubelska - founder of the Peaceful Schools Movement and Director of Spiritual England
  • Isabelle Cartwright of Quaker Peace and Social Witness
  • Sara Hagel, Director of Peacemakers (based in Birmingham)
  • David Holmes ex-Primary Head Teacher and Schools Consultant. David writes a lot of our Peaceful Schools resource materials and he is based in Derbyshire

Our aim is that schools should become peaceful learning environments. We support schools and the peace-promoting organisations that work with them. We signpost you to pioneering organisations like 'Peace One Day', Values-Based Education/Living Values, Peace Mala, Peace Education, Peacemakers (WMQPEP), Mind with Heart, A Quiet Place and many others.

Our Peaceful Schools Awards scheme celebrates the important role that schools play in equipping children and young people with the skills they need to live peaceful lives and to be peacemakers in their families, communities and the world!

To contact the Peaceful Schools Strategy Group email the Peaceful Schools Coordinator, Anna Lubelska - anna@peacefulschools.org.uk

Or by post: Peaceful Schools, Witch Hazel Cottage, Linden Road, Headley Down, Hampshire GU35 8EN

Or by phone: Tel: 01428 717090